The 68th District Court was created in 1968 and currently has 5 judges.  The 68th District  Court has jurisdiction that covers the area within the confines of the City of Flint.  The court handles Felony Warrants and  Arraignments, Traffic and Non-traffic Misdemeanors Civil infractions and  Parking tickets;  Civil cases under $25,000, Small Claims and Landlord Tenant cases.

You will be subject to metal detectors and search.

**  No cell phones or electronic devices.

No food or drink

** No personal checks accepted.

You can contact the 68th District Court at 810-766-8968

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     68th District Court
  Floyd J McCree Building
      630 S. Saginaw Street; Flint, Michigan  48502
      Located on Saginaw Street between 2nd and 3rd Street

              68th District Court Judges

           Honorable William H Crawford

           Honorable Tracy Collier-Nix

           Honorable M. Cathy Dowd

           Honorable Herman Marable Jr

           Honorable Nathaniel C. Perry

                    Court Administrator

            Denise C. Harrison (Interim)
   General Information